Welcome and come on in to Kiefer's Café & Catering, family owned and operated since 1996.

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Many compare the charm and friendliness to the sitcom "Cheers," where all the regulars sit at the bar discussing local news and solving world problems and through the doors you are greeted with a friendly hello or usually by name. The loud laughter and quiet murmurs of customers fill the dining room, as your nose catches the aroma of homemade soups and pastas. In the distance an array of music is playing and quite often yells from the kitchen fill the air with friendly bantering between customers and each other. The local eclectic, "Austinacious" attitude is alive and well here, with the motto found on our t-shirts, "Order What You Want, Eat What You Get," always receiving a roaring laugh.

Kiefer's Café & Catering started small with only three tables, but quickly grew to now seat eighty people, including a welcoming deck. Our menu changes frequently and boasts over 70 sandwich selections, hundreds of breakfast taco combinations and some of the best homemade soups in town.

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