If you wish to place a catering order, this is the menu for you. Want to save the menu for later? Use the downloadable version of our catering menu. Interested in dining in or picking up a personal order, please use our dine-in menu.

Breakfast Trays

Homemade Soups

Delicious, fresh made soups with many selections includes crackers, a spoon, and napkins. Call for daily selections and vegetarian.

Sides and Such

Box Lunches

Presented in a white deli box and includes paperware, utensil, pickle spear, mint and a fresh baked cookie.

Meat choice: Butterball© mesquite smoked turkey, honey baked ham, hard salami, pastrami, roast beef, corned beef, chicken salad or tuna salad.

Healthy Salad Boxes

Presented in a white deli box, paperware, utensils, pickle spear, mint and a fresh baked cookie.

$8.49 per person


The following salads are for larger groups. They include paper ware, utensils, crackers and assorted dressings.


Sandwich Trays

Trays artfully arranged and accompanied by plates and napkins.

Delicious Desserts

Perfect for an individual gift or party favors office appreciation or event topper. We can custom package.

Hot Meal Selection

$9.99 per person; minimum order required.

Fresh tossed salad and hot bread are included in this delicious selection. Served with eating utensils, plates and napkins. Our selections can be served vegetarian upon request.

Party trays

All trays accompanied by plates, napkins and forks.

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